The Memory Bank

Are there still three more days until Game 1?

My goodness, there are. And the Phillies still don't know who they're playing after the Red Sox beat the Rays in Game 6 last night at Tropicana Field, 4-2. I thought late last week that the Red Sox would be the better matchup for the Phillies, but you might hate to see the Red Sox come into the World Series so hot, winning three consecutive games with postseason elimination on the line. That's what the Sox did in '04 and '07, when they swept the Cardinals and Rockies in the World Series, respectively.

The night sky at Citizens Bank Park is lit up with fireworks after the Phillies won Game 2 of the National League division series vs. the Brewers. "You want to try to leave your mark here," Ryan Howard said.


Phil Sheridan talks about how the Phillies are filling Citizens Bank Park with memories, just like they did in 1980 and 1993.


Jayson Werth wants a ring.

Werth's grandfather, Dick "Ducky" Schofield, won a World Series ring with the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates. His uncle, Dick Schofield Jr., won one with the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays. Werth's stepfather, Dennis Werth, earned an American League championship ring with the 1981 New York Yankees.


John Gonzalez wonders why can't us? Why can't us? Yes. Why can't us? Gonzalez, Sheridan and Bob Ford talk about this long layoff for the Phillies.


Charlie Manuel made it official: the rotation will remain the same in the World Series. He hasn't settled on who might DH.

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