The Countdown Continues: Catcher

The Inquirer's Countdown to Opening Day continues with a look at Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz.The Inquirer's countdown to Opening Day continues.

It's down to 2.

Two as in ... two days before the season opener.

Two as in ... catcher.

Carlos Ruiz enters his second full season with the Phillies, and that could mean a nice bump in offensive production.

Because every time Ruiz has repeated a level in his professional career, his offense have spiked.

"I see a real assuredness to his body language," Jamie Moyer said. "He's not cocky or brash. He just seems very confident in what's going on."

But offense isn't the catcher's top priority.

It's running the game.

"I've never heard one complaint about this guy," bullpen coach Ramon Henderson said. "Guys really like throwing to him."

"A lot of people here have worked with him," Moyer said. "It's like he's been attacked from all sides. The reason it's worked is because he's receptive. He's not stubborn. I've really enjoyed watching him grow and mature. The position he plays is not an easy one. We went through 28 pitchers last year. As a catcher, you have to handle each one of them. You have to know their strengths, weaknesses and personalities. You have to take charge of them. He does a very good job at a position that has a lot of responsibility."


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