Sunday's lineup

The tarp is on the field at Bright House, but the rain seems to be clearing.  Here's the lineup for the 1:05 game against the Bloody Sox.

Rollins SS

Victorino CF

Utley 2B

Howard 1B

Werth RF

Ibanez LF

Feliz 3B

Mayberry DH

Coste C

Pitching: Blanton, Eyre, Durbin, Madson

Cole Hamels was scheduled to pitch in this game, but has been moved to a minor league game, which I'll wander over to watch.  Also related to Hamels, it seems like Madonna has flown to Malawi for an adoption, the African country where Hamels and his wife are focusing their charitable foundation. The AP has an analysis of the complexities of international adoption, in which the Hamels have expressed interest.

UPDATE: Because of the weather (they'll get the main game in, but cancelled those on the minor league fields) Hamels will not pitch in the minor league game today, said Rich Dubee.  Your favorite lefty will appear in either a major or minor league game tomorrow.

FURTHER UPDATE:  In what seemed designed as a public reassurance, Hamels just long-tossed with Joe Blanton in the outfield before the game.