Steroid penalties not severe enough

You know what’s way more important than the silly marketing campaign to elect All-Stars, or trade rumors? Performance-enhancing drugs, both as an issue of public health and competitive integrity.   

If the Manny Ramirez circus has proven anything this season, it is that penalties for steroid use are not nearly severe enough. The guy cheats his way to a big contract, then is cheered in every rehab start and upon his return to the Dodgers. Fox showed a troubling lack of judgement by treating his at-bats Saturday as news events, showing him on a split screen. You know what I’m thinking if I’m Manny? That was worth it.
Yet, the AP reports that MLB chafed at legitimate criticism of its program. I thought I’d pass this story along, for those who might be looking for a brief change of pace from the topics du jour, and something else to think about.
Of course, the Roy Halladay drama is also quite intruiging and real, so click here for the post on Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi.  And take a nap until 4pm, when this whole ad campaign will be over and, thank goodness, we will never have to hear the phrase "Bran Torino" again.