Stairs and Ruiz return

Good morning from Clearwater. Had a half-day off yesterday (probably shouldn’t make this public, but I did my own laundry last night for the first time since college—my wife has always taken care of that particular chore. It did not go well. Went down to the laundry room at my hotel with just enough quarters for detergent and one load. Used the quarters earmarked for detergent on something called “Bounce,” opened the box, and was very surprised to find that Bounce was not detergent, just two little strips of fabric softener. The strips floated to the ground while I searched the empty box in for something that would clean my clothes. Told you, I don’t know laundry).

Anyway, we jump right back into it with two games today.  The intrasquad game at noon (played at DiMaggio field, across the street from Bright House) features Chris Coste and Pedro Feliz, as expected. Brett Myers, Chan Ho Park, Chad Durbin and Brad Lidge will pitch. 
Here’s the lineup for the 1:05 Grapefruit League game against the Braves:
Donald 3B
Bruntlett SS
Ibanez LF
Howard 1B
Werth CF
Mayberry RF
Giles 2B
Ruiz C
Kendrick P
Also pitching: Eyre and Madson
You may have noticed Ruiz’s name in the lineup. Both he and Matt Stairs returned to hugs and boisterous greetings from teammates after Panama and Canada were eliminated from the World Baseball Classic. More on them later, and more on the intrasquad after I return from that.