Shane's bruise, Chad's back and David's juice

A few quick items to pass along as I wait to board a flight. Tweeted this stuff, but hopefully some of you out there still spend a few minutes at a time away from your screens and handhelds.

--Shane Victorino was limping around the clubhouse after last night’s game. He bruised his knee making a catch in the first inning, and said it tightened during the game. The outfield at Chase Field is a very hard surface—think your front lawn in mid-August—with patches of dirt interrupting the grass. Not a good  bang one’s knee. After visiting with the trainer, Victorino said there was no fracture, but that he was “very, very sore.” He didn’t know if he could play tonight.
--Chad Durbin will throw his first bullpen session tomorrow since going on the DL with a back (lat) injury. He’s in Clearwater right now, and told me that he realized this week that the injury had affected his arm slot for several weeks. He’s hopeful that the rest and rehab will not only heal the injury, but reset his mechanics.
--I got enough emails yesterday saying, “Hey, the Phils still have the pieces to acquire Halladay” that I felt compelled to ask Ruben Amaro “Just for the record, are you done upgrading your rotation before July 31?”
He said: “We’re very pleased with where we are right now.”
Kinda sounded like Hillary Clinton answering whether she’d ever run for president again. But I think that’s more matter of his style than anything else. I’ll state for the record that I’d be absolutely, totally stunned if the Phils traded for another starter this week.
--The biggest question now is, who will go to the bullpen? In talking to the Dubinator, Cholly and Rubio yesterday, I got the sense that a decision had not quite been made, but Happ was a strong possibility. Here’s the logic behind that: of Pedro, Father Time Moyer and Happ, the latter would be the best reliever.   On the other hand, Happ is the best starter of those three, too. So it’s a quandary.
But you know what? That’s a good problem for the Phillies to have.
--No roster moves have been announced yet, but will be later today. John Mayberry Jr. is the most likely candidate for a trip to Allentown, along with a Steven Register or Kyle Kendrick.

--Gee, I always wondered why David Ortiz suddenly got awesome around, oh...2003. Shocker!