Ruiz update

From Phillies assistant GM Scott Proefrock this morning:"Apparently there was a collision in the game. Subsequent to that, I guess he was chasing a pop up, he flipped his mask off and he felt it. So they took him out of the game. It was diagnosed as a neck strain. He was treated, sent home after the game and they'll reevaluate him today when he comes back in."

The team expects to know more later in the day.

Further update:

Ruiz is taking batting practice in Puerto Rico, and will be in the lineup today. The Phillies say that he is fine. 

Joe Blanton just came out of the game against Atlanta in Kissimmee.  He allowed one run in four innings.  Carlos Carrasco is now facing his first batter.  And Braves prospect Tommy Hanson, who also allowed a run in four innings, has a nice curveball. He fanned John Mayberry Jr. twice and Ryan Howard once with it.