Roster Is the Same

The Phillies have set their World Series roster, and it's the same as the NLDS and NLCS.

No surprise there. I've been getting e-mails from folks who think the Phillies should replace So Taguchi with Lou Marson, but that wasn't going to happen. First, Marson has just four at-bats in the big leagues. Second, Chris Coste can still DH without Marson on the roster. If Ruiz would get hurt tonight in Game 1, Coste could catch. The Phillies would lose their DH at that point, but the Phillies could manage for one game. And if Ruiz or Coste would be hurt seriously at some point during the series, Marson can be added to the roster later.

And while it might not want to be acknowledged, Taguchi has postseason experience. I'm sure that played a role in Charlie Manuel's decision. Oh, and Manuel is a loyal guy, too. I'm also sure that played a role.