Rollins still struggling with calf injury

Jimmy Rollins is still experiencing pain in his strained right calf. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Three weeks have passed since shortstop Jimmy Rollins was scratched from the Phillies’ home opener.

Instead of leading off against the Washington Nationals that afternoon, Rollins landed on the disabled list with a strained right calf. The Phillies estimated at the time that he’d be out from two to four weeks.

All indications now are that it will be longer than the Phillies’ worst-case scenario of four weeks.

"When I can run without pain, then I’ll be ready for a rehab," Rollins said after taking batting practice and fielding ground balls before Sunday night’s game against the New York Mets.

Rollins said he is able to jog without pain right now, but he still is having problems making baseball moves, especially to his left.

"I was jogging and I actually picked up the pace and that part didn’t bother me," Rollins said. "But when I started shuffling and then turned around to really go, that hurt. Going to the right, that doesn’t bother me. Shuffling left and turning to run, that’s when you feel it grab."

The Phillies described Rollins’ injury as being between a Grade 1 and Grade 2 strain, but the shortstop said Sunday that the radiologist who read his MRI felt it was a Grade 2 strain.

"I didn’t really have an idea of how long it would take," he said. "I never really pulled a muscle. Something like this, where it feels like somebody shot you, this is a little different. They said two to four weeks and they weren’t talking about being healthy. They were talking about determining the next step."

At this point, the step where Rollins returns to playing for the Phillies doesn't appear to be nearly as close as the team originally hoped.