Rollins Shows Up Late, Benched

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was scratched from today's lineup in the series finale against the Mets (Getty Images).

Charlie Manuel has two rules:

1. Hustle
2. Be on time.

Jimmy Rollins has broken both rules this season, the lastest came today when he showed up about an hour before the Phillies' series finale against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium. Rollins, who was benched earlier this season for not running out a pop fly, said he didn't agree with Manuel's decision this time. Here's some of what he had to say to reporters in the hallway outside the visitor's clubhouse:

Q: What happened?
A: I showed up after the bus, a little bit about an hour before the game.
Q: Why?
A: You can say traffic, but that really doesn’t change anything.
Q: Disappointed?
A: No, I mean, it’s the same thing I do all the time. I usually leave about 10 minutes after the bus as usual if I drive myself, but you can’t change lights and stuff. Oh well.
Q: Did you understand?
A: Well, we’re not going to agree on this one. I agreed with him last time, but we’re not going to agree on this one. I think he understood that, and I understood it. But he’s the manager. He has to set a precedent for certain players and you’re expected and held up to those rules, and that’s fine. 
Q: If you don't agree, can you get past it?
A: Am I going to let it bother me? No, it’s already done. Me and Charlie spoke about it. It’s done.
Q: Was part of the decision that you’re a leader?
A: That was 100 percent of the decision. That was the complete decision. As I said, I understand. That’s part of it.