Rockies' Tracy still fuming

Will the binoculars ever go away? You can be sure when Colorado comes to Philadelphia on July 23 it will be brought up again. Why?

This comes from The Associated Press:

DENVER — Rockies manager Jim Tracy is still fuming over the Philadelphia Phillies using binoculars in the bullpen.

Before Colorado played Washington Thursday, Tracy took exception to a comment he read in which Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was quoted as saying “keep crying.”

Tracy said: “We don’t cry here. I want to make that clear right now. We work very hard.”

The Phillies insisted Wednesday they weren’t trying to steal signs when bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer was caught on camera peering through binoculars from the bullpen bench at Coors Field on Monday.

Asked what he considered crossing the lines in baseball, Tracy said, “using binoculars, that’s crossing the line.”