Roberts' granddaughter called Werth's shot

DAVID SWANSON / Staff photographer

A lot to be read and remembered on this Friday following the death of Phillies great Robin Roberts and a 7-2 Phillies victory.

But let's begin here: Bob Brookover penned a moving obituary of Roberts, in which we learn of an incredible moment:

Phillies rightfielder Jayson Werth had the most interesting relationship with Mr. Roberts because both men were from Springfield, Ill.

"I would always go over his house and he'd give me an update on the kid from Springfield," said Jim Roberts, the youngest of Robin's four sons.

When Werth stepped to the plate at Citizens Bank Park in the bottom of the first inning Thursday afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals, Jim Roberts' 18-year-old daughter, Jennifer, had a premonition.

"She said Werth was going to hit a home run just for Pops," Jim said from his home in Temple Terrace. "And then he did. There were quite a few tears in our living room at that point."

Told about Jennifer Roberts' prediction after the game, Werth rubbed the goose bumps on his arms.

"That's [amazing] right there," the Phillies' rightfielder said.

It is.

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