Ricciardi wants the kind of talent “that makes you sit up and take notice'

Question. Would you make the following trade if you were Ruben Amaro Jr.? Cole Hamels, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Paul Hagen, Jim Salisbury, Pete Mackanin, J.A. Happ, the Phanatic, your dog and Paul Bako for Roy Halladay?

Rumor talk gets a little hysterical, but we did learn some actual things today. The big question for the Phillies seems to be, would you trade Kyle Drabek? Charlie Manuel said he’d be reluctant to do that, and Amaro said there were some untouchables in the system. But the concept of untouchable is slippery. What if Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi said, “Hey Rube, Drabek for Doc straight up?” Who’d be untouchable then?
The big question for Ricciardi, the question that ultimately matters a whole lot, is what are you looking for? Here’s what he told the Inquirer today: he is seeking the type of talent “that makes you sit up and take notice. The clubs that have contacted us understand that.”
Ricciardi then declined to name the teams with whom he has spoken about Halladay, but he made it clear that he is looking for young, inexpensive, premium talent. 
Baseball sources said the Phillies have been in regular contact with Toronto about Halladay and are serious players in the sweepstakes to land him. Sources said that the two teams spoke Monday night, before Ricciardi publicly declared that he would listen to offers for the pitcher.
Ricciardi made it clear that he feels no urgency to deal his ace, and will only do so if he receives an offer that overwhelms him. More on this in the morning paper.
Did you see that the Jays released B.J. Ryan today? Call me crazy, but what if the Phillies signed Ryan and flipped him to Toronto for….Roy Halladay?