Pop goes the bullpen

Sure, the Phillies were happy to have won a game, albeit one that came more as a result of Washington ineptitude than anything else. But the most significant moment last night occurred when when Chan Ho Park felt a “pop” in his hamstring while delivering the final pitch of the seventh inning. 

Lemme tell you, this does not sound good. Let’s put it this way: After the game, Park struggled to lift his right leg high enough to pull on a pair of pants.   He now joins Scott Eyre (elbow) and J.C. Romero (forearm) as hobbled bullpen pieces. 
“Not good,” Park said, somberly. “A lot of pain right now.”
Park suffered a mild hamstring stain during spring training, and rated this injury as far worse. “No, this is like a pop,” he said. “(Then) I was just a little uncomfortable.”
Charlie Manuel did not sound optimistic. “He pulled it pretty bad,” the manager said.
You all know that the bullpen remains a source of huge uncertaintly for the team. Through all the injuries and ineffectiveness, Park has been a rock. Now, he is a significant question.
By the way, Manuel said he would have used Brad Lidge in a save situation, had Jayson Werth not put the game away with a granny off that stellar Nats bullpen.