Polanco will have fourth cortisone shot

We don't think it hurt to raise the elbow there. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

CORRECTION: This will be Polanco's fourth cortisone shot of the season, not his third, as incorrectly stated before. Story is updated.

WASHINGTON -- The early clinch has offered this benefit: Placido Polanco will be able to have a fourth cortisone injection in his left arm before the postseason begins.

Last week, Polanco told The Inquirer he wanted another shot in the arm. Two of the previous shots were in his left elbow, where bone spurs have caused constant pain this season. That has also developed into tendinitis in his left forearm, where he had a third cortisone injection in June and the fourth will be applied.

Polanco will have off-season surgery to remove the bone spurs. He is hoping the injection will power him through October.

The third baseman said he will need about three days to recover from the shot. He said he wants to try to play in Sunday's series finale at Atlanta. For that to happen, Polanco would need to have the injection either Wednesday or Thursday.

So it's possible Polanco has played his last game of the regular season.