Pitchers seeking answers

There will be more on this in the paper, which you could kindly purchase in the morning , but here’s a bit more from Lidge this afternoon: 

“I haven’t been throwing the ball well, and it’s embarrassing, to be honest with you, giving up so many home runs,” he said. “But that being said, I feel fine…My stuff was a little better (last night)….One thing my few bad outings had in common is that after I've given up a home run or whatever, I've kind of put in my head, 'OK, it's a one-run lead. Pitch like it. The next three guys I'll get out,” he said.
Basically, he’s clinging to the belief that he’ll work it out, as was Blanton after today’s games. “I threw the ball better than the other day in St. Louis,” Blanton said about his previous appearance, in which he allowed one run in six innings. And really, at this point, what can the Phillies do but continue working and hope the results get better? As the cliché goes, though, it’s kind of getting late early for this rotation.
Also, here’s Raul Ibanez, who plays my least favorite position, giving a thoughtful and detailed answer on why Javy Vazquez was so good today. Thought I’d pass it along, as per my duty to the public.
“What he did really well, I think, was that he got ahead a lot. He threw strike one quite a bit, and he also changed speeds. He had two or three different speeds on a breaking ball…He was using his fastball up, he was using it down, and in and out.”
Oh, by the way, that reader who asked straight up if I was ever a Mets fan was the first to actually pose the question. This whole time, I would’ve given a straight answer. You just never asked.
FYI, I’m off tomorrow, so no blog. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.