Phils Were Close to a Starter, Had A Shot at Manny

The Boston Red Sox are thinking about trading slugger Manny Ramirez, and the Phillies have been rumored as a possible destination. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Phillies had about an hour left before today's 4 p.m. non-waiver trade deadline and thought they were close to a deal.

Lefthanded reliever?

Righthanded bat?

Nope. They felt they came closest in a failed three-team trade that would have landed them a No. 4-type starter that apparently would have bumped one of their current starters from the rotation.

“We got agreement from one club and they were trying to get agreement on players from the other club,” Pat Gillick said.

Gillick said the Phillies had a good feeling they would be able to pull off that trade. He also said they had a good feeling at one point they would be able to acquire Manny Ramirez from the Boston Red Sox. Ramirez instead went to the Los Angeles Dodgers in a three-team trade that involved the Pittsburgh Pirates.

“Yeah, we were talking about it,” Gillick said of Ramirez discussions. “We were involved. We couldn’t get where they wanted to be. And we couldn’t get where we wanted to be.”

Did the Pirates seek too much from the Phillies?

“We could please other clubs,” Gillick said. “It’s just that we’ve got to please our club a little bit. We think we know what the value of those players are. Not only the players on one side of the fence, but on our side of the fence. You have to really evaluate that and we just thought maybe that was a little too rich of an ask for us.”