Phillies Lose, Stairs Arrives, Computer Woes

OK, I'm late posting today because I had no power on the Dell. In fact, I had to run to Best Buy on Clark Street to find a new power supply.


A bargain at $115.

But it's either fork over the cash or just sit in Chicago for the next couple days and not work ...


Matt Stairs arrived today. The Phillies acquired him in a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays for lefthander Fabio Castro, although Pat Gillick said this morning at Wrigley Field that the "player to be named" won't be announced until after the season. That might be because Castro didn't clear waivers, and can't be traded until after the season.

Regardless, the Phillies have the lefthanded bat off the bench they need after Geoff Jenkins went on the DL.


The Phillies have interest in Detroit Tigers righthander Kyle Farnsworth, and could add him before tomorrow's waiver trade deadline. Gillick said today, however, that it is less likely than likely they can complete another trade (he wouldn't confirm their interest in Farnsworth) before tomorrow.


Oh, and the Phillies lost yesterday to the Cubs, 3-2.