Phillies Leave Chicago Feeling Good

Carlos Ruiz beats the throw home on Jimmy Rollins' sacrifice fly in the sixth.

So who feels better today: the Phillies or Cubs?

The Phillies.

The Cubs took the first two games of their four-game series against the Phillies at Wrigley Field, coming back in the eighth inning Thursday and the sixth inning Friday. But the Phillies played better baseball in victories Saturday and Sunday to split the series, including yesterday's 5-3 victory.

The Phillies feel pretty good about the split because the Cubs entered the series with the best overall record and best home record in baseball. It showed them that they can play with anybody, not that they needed much of a confidence boost.

In the Phillies Notebook: more on September call-ups Lou Marson and Greg Golson, Jayson Werth stays hot (in the swinging-the-bat kind of way), Brad Lidge and the four-out save and more.

Of the four September call-ups, Golson could make the biggest impact because he can play outfield and pinch-run. Adam Eaton and J.A. Happ are long men, although Happ potentially could be used to face a lefthanded hitter. Marson won’t play much. In fact, rarely have third catchers with the Phillies seen action behind the plate. I’m guessing he will get the occasional pinch-hit at-bat and see action behind the plate in a blowout victory or blowout loss, although the Phillies have had few of either lately.