Phillies Beat LA, 3-2

The Phillies beat the Dodgers in Game 1 of the National League Championship Series at Citizens Bank Park, 3-2.

Not sure how it played on TV, but the crowd was loud in the sixth and ninth innings, when the Phillies took the lead and Brad Lidge ended the game. Here is what the players and managers had to say after the game:

QUESTION: You guys had talked about kind of seizing those opportunities when he leaves the sinker up a little bit, did you feel that was one of those opportunities and did you see many of those up until that point?
CHASE UTLEY: No, he was pitching very well. He was keeping the ball down. He had a great sinker working and slider. Everything was down in the zone. Borderline kind of balls and he makes it tough on the opposing hitters. The pitch I hit was probably middle of the zone in terms of height. But that's not really up. But for Derek Lowe, sinker guy, it was up a little bit.

QUESTION: Were you a little surprised they went at Manny as they did today?
JOE TORRE: Well, not really. We've got some pretty good hitters behind him. And early in the game, I mean, you're not going to start walking him I don't think anyway in the first inning.
But it was a good game. Unfortunately for us we were on the short end. But it's going to be a good series here.

QUESTION: Cole, what did you feel like when you saw that ball from Manny hit off the wall in center field and stay in the park?
COLE HAMELS: I guess that's the furthest ball anybody can hit. And for it not to be out of the yard. And when he hit it, I didn't know if he really got it that well, but he put some backspin on it and it took off. I thought maybe it would have been off the wall a little bit lower, not the very top.
But I'm just lucky enough it didn't go out, because it definitely helped out and definitely put us in a better favor than down 2-0 instead of 1-0.

QUESTION: Charlie, Pat Burrell has had two good games in a row now, was it just a matter of him waiting out the slump or is he doing something different? And also how important is it for you guys to get production out of that spot in the order?
CHARLIE MANUEL: I think Pat is seeing the ball better. He's staying back, getting a better look at the ball. He's not getting out over his front side. And, like I said, his bat's quicker now. Like before he was starting, he was getting out, striding too soon, getting out over his front side and just kind of swinging with his -- just his upper body, what do I call it, somebody who swings with his hands and arms. Right now he's staying back behind the ball and driving the ball.