Phillies president David Montgomery praises Bud Selig

Phillies President David Montgomery. (Ron Tarver/Staff Photographer)

ATLANTA — Nine years ago, Bud Selig announced plans for his retirement in 2009. When that passed, baseball's commissioner plotted to leave after the 2012 season. Selig is now steadfast in his decision to retire following next season. That is, unless Major League Baseball's cannot appoint his replacement.

Phillies president David Montgomery is a longtime friend of Selig's. Montgomery has served on numerous committees and was one of the more vocal supporters of Selig's initiatives during his 21 years as commissioner.

He praised Selig in a statement released by MLB.

"Baseball has been led by five commissioners in my 40-plus years with the Phillies and I have seen firsthand the complexities and demands of the position," Montgomery said. "I have unwavering admiration for Commissioner Selig's many years of service to Baseball and his track record of achievement. He is a gifted leader who compelled this industry to modernize in the ways that fans wanted. The combination of his leadership skills and love of our game make him an outstanding commissioner."

Selig's legacy, of course, will forever be debated among baseball traditionalists. One piece is unmistakable: The game will enjoy 21 straight years of labor peace through 2016.

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