Phillies need a starting pitcher for Tuesday

Phillies pitcher Tyler Cloyd has thrown 200 innings this season. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

MIAMI — Long before Saturday's game, Tyler Cloyd spent five minutes playing catch at an empty Marlins Park with pitching coach Rich Dubee. It was enough time to determine Cloyd has thrown his final pitch of a whirlwind 2012.

He has logged 200 innings this season, 54 more than 2011, and his arm is tired.

That leaves the Phillies scrambling for a Tuesday starter. There is no obvious answer, Dubee said. He planned to discuss options with GM Ruben Amaro Jr.

"It depends on who is available," Dubee said.

One would be reliever B.J. Rosenberg, who made six starts at triple-A, and has recently been stretched out as a long man. But if the Phillies could need him before Tuesday.

Basically, the end of the season cannot come soon enough.

"Maybe it'll be a position player," Dubee quipped.

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