Perlozzo: Utley not hurt, throwing better

Few Phillies regulars appeared for Tuesday’s optional workout, but Chase Utley was at Citizens Bank Park, working on turning double plays.
Utley famously tossed two throws into the dugout in the first two games of the National League Championship Series, the second one a pivotal moment in the Phils Game 2 loss.
Rumors and speculation swirled in subsequent days that Utley might be injured, but Perlozzo did not believe so.  “Do I think he’s hurt? No,” Perlozzo said yesterday.
The coach noticed on Tuesday that Utley was practicing his throws, so he approached him and ran through the various checkpoints to identify possible flaws.
In making about 25 throws, Utley and Perlozzo made note of grip and footwork, among other factors.  Perlozzo concluded that the second baseman was OK.
“It was basically just a refresher,” Perlozzo said.  “I give him credit for going out there and practicing, and I think he worked it out.”

Greg Dobbs said in September that his calf injury would probably not heal until the offseason, affecting his ability to run and field.  But the calf has healed faster than he expected, he said.
“I feel much better,” said Dobbs, who still plans to see several specialists this winter as a precaution. “It has been a gradual process, and week-by-week, it’s getting better. I hope (the team) sees it that way.”
Manager Charlie Manuel said recently that he was comfortable using Dobbs in the infield, but because of the injury would not yet send him to the outfield.

Pedro Martinez was spotted in the outfield before last night’s game, mentoring rookie lefthander Antonio Bastardo on breaking ball techniques.  Earlier this season, Martinez offered pointers to lefty J.C. Romero about his offspeed repertoire.