One final Burrell memory

(Michael Bryant/Staff Photographer)

The ceremony produced tears for Pat Burrell on Saturday, the day of his retirement. When he retreated from the field and into the bowels of Citizens Bank Park, he was still emotional as he removed his white No. 5 jersey.

Not surprisingly, he spoke whistfully about the day he led a parade down Broad Street.

"That's got to be No. 1," Burrell said. "I talked about this all day but when you turn the corner on Market and around that little hill to Broad — I don't think you could ever be prepared for that. The fans, the people, the sound — it's hard to express how powerful that was for me in 2008."

Then he asked a question to some writers.

"I could be wrong but wasn't that Halloween day?"

Yes, he was told.

"I didn't see a single costume," Burrell said. "All I saw was red and white and Phillies stuff."

And that is what he will always remember.

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