Oh, the injuries! Oh, the decisons!

Ah, the daily drama of what to do with these pitchers and that one itchy golfer. First, an injury update, per assistant GM Scott Proefrock: 

--Brett Myers (right hip surgery) started running exercises today, another step toward returning as a reliever. At this point, the Phillies expect to have him before the end of the season.
J.C. Romero (strained left forearm) will pitch in a game Friday night for Class A Clearwater. If you remember, Romero said when he went on the DL that he expected to be ready well in advance of today’s eligibility. When I reminded Proefrock of that, and asked if Romero had progressed more slowly than expected, he said “I would say that’s fair to say."
--The Phils are afraid they might lose Clay Condrey (oblique) for the season, so they’re taking it real slow with him.
--Two sources with knowledge of the situation told the Inquirer that Ray Martino is taking Prednizone to treat his poison ivy (yes, that’s a steroid, and he’ll be playing in a gold tournament at Oak Hill this weekend while on it. Take that Selena Roberts and Michael Schmidt! I got a drug scoop!). Also, mick, he sipped his first Genny Cream Ale at Thirsty’s in 1967. Apparently Dr. Leary hadn’t made it to Pittsford yet, and it was still all about the beer.
-Chad Durbin (strained back muscle) is scheduled to pitch tomorrow night at Clearwater, his first rehabber.
Pedro Martinez (strained, cough, cough, ahem, right shoulder) is still on track to pitch tomorrow night at Class AA Reading. At that, folks, where the drama begins. I repeat: Good problem to have, too many pitchers. Best guess is that, by virtue of Moyer not being able to pitch from the pen and Martinez’s shaky health and general fragility, that Happ returns to a relief role. But that’s not definite. 
Maybe you get creative and skip Moyer a turn or two for Pedro without making any big announcements. Or maybe you do something weird like a six man rotation. That’s highly unlikely because of all the Mondays off—it’ll be a stretch to need five starters for a while—but there was interesting moment this afternoon when Rich Dubee was asked about this.
“Personally, I think it would be pretty tough,” he said. “Organizationally, I don’t know.”
There are times when the coaching staff and front office disagree on something, and it sounds like this just might be one of those occasions.
Keep watching. It has to resolve at some point.