Odds and Ends

Hola, amigos.

Nothing major to report, but a couple things to report nonetheless ...

The Phillies have contacted Pat Burrell's agents to express their interest in bringing him back, although those discussions didn't get specific. In other words, I don't think they talked money or years. I think this was just the Phillies' way of saying, "Hey, Pat, we appreciate the years you've given to the organization and we'd like you back, but we'll talk later." I have said a few times that I think it is less likely than likely that Burrell returns, and I still believe that is the case because I think Burrell would have to take a contract that favors the Phillies to return. In other words, I could see the Phillies offering Burrell a one- or two-year contract. If another team, perhaps an American League team, offers Burrell a three- or four-year contract, is Burrell going to say no and take a lesser deal to stay in Philadelphia?

The Phillies continue to talk seriously with Jamie Moyer's agent about a contract extension. I expect something to happen, but maybe not before the weekend.

The Phillies can negotiate exclusively with Burrell and Moyer until Friday, when they hit the open market.


John Gonzalez, Bob Ford and Phil Sheridan talk about the left field situation.


The Phillies need a new bench coach, since Jimy Williams has quit, and a new third-base coach because Steve Smith was fired. They also may need a new bullpen coach. Ramon Henderson had the job but left in midseason for personal reasons. It is unclear if he will be back.

Sam Perlozzo, who managed Baltimore from 2005 to '07, is expected to interview for a coaching job later this week. Perlozzo has been a third-base coach, so he could fit as Smith's replacement. The Phillies also have interest in Jim Tracy, Terry Collins, Tim Bogar, Rich Donnelly, Pete Mackanin and Matt Galante. I would say either Tracy and Collins could get the bench job because both have previous managerial experience.