Myers blasts Phillies

"I wanted to go back to Philadelphia, but they didn't show an interest," Brett Myers said. (Pat Sullivan/AP)

Matt Gelb here, still with the keys while Andy's on vacation...

If you're counting, that's two former pitchers who have left the Phillies with a bitter taste this offseason.

First, it was Cliff Lee, who said his initial reaction to being traded from Philadelphia to Seattle was "shock and disbelief" and that "This goes to show this is a business, and you never know what's going to happen until you have a full no-trade clause." 

And on Tuesday, Brett Myers joined the fray during his introductory news conference with the Houston Astros. From The Associated Press:

"I wanted to go back to Philadelphia, but they didn't show an interest, they had other obligations, which is fine with me," Myers said. He then promised to "stick it" to the Phillies every time he faces them.

Well then. Obviously, Myers has never been one to mince words, so this should come as little surprise. (Nor should the fact that Myers signed with Houston, as the guys over at The Fightins note. Ed Wade is putting together a substantial group of former Phillies.) 

Houston expects Myers to be the No. 3 starter in 2010 behind Roy Oswalt and Wandy Rodriguez. They gave Myers $5.1 million in the one-year deal with an $8 million mutual option for 2011. That's cash the Phillies probably weren't willing to offer at this point, but it's believed the team never really made a serious offer to Myers.

And with a gaping hole at the back of the rotation, Myers could have been a decent fit. Right?

If Myers was truthful when he said he wanted to return to Philadelphia, the two sides could have made it work -- if the Phillies were interested. The fact that they weren't -- even with uncertainty at the back of the rotation -- shows the Phillies either a) Had concerns about his health/durability or b) Decided they were finished with Myers' attitude. It could be a combination of both.

Whatever the case may be, it's always a decent sign for the team when players are so upset about leaving Philadelphia.

By the way, Myers could have a chance to "stick it" to the Phillies very early in 2010. The Phillies travel to Houston for a three-game series on the first weekend of the season.