Myers Shows Up

Pat Burrell had a big day, but the Phillies really needed a strong effort last night from Brett Myers. They got it.Pat Burrell certainly will make the highlight reels on ESPN today, but the biggest thing to come from last night's 5-3 victory over the Cubs at Citizens Bank Park is the fact that Brett Myers finally pitched like everybody expected him to pitch.

He just needs that success to continue.

He allowed five hits, three runs and no walks in eight innings last night as he gave the bullpen a much needed break.

"I definitely felt a lot more aggressive," Myers said. "I feel like I threw pitches with conviction instead of just lollipopping them up there. I definitely felt like I was letting it go better today."

"I had a good feeling coming in because of his last two bullpen sessions," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "He threw the ball very, very well. And he was receptive to some criticism. Constructive criticism, but some criticism. Just to get him to think back to who he is and what he is. He put it into play tonight."


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In the Phillies Notebook, Jimmy Rollins' sprained left ankle feels no better or worse than before. I get the feeling he might not play this weekendd. Loved this response from Charlie Manuel, when asked if he thought Rollins' injury would linger: "I have no idea. I'm not a doctor. Chuck's only a Southern high school graduate who's played baseball all his life. I never said I was the smartest guy on the block."


The Richie Ashburn DVD debuts Monday.