Myers, Eyre mull future

While the Phillies reflected on their season last night after losing the World Series to the New York Yankees, two players spoke about the future.

Pitchers Brett Myers and Scott Eyre are now free agents, and neither knew last night if he would return to the Phils.

“Going to a new place would be different, but it would not be out of the question,” said Myers.  “I’d love to be back here.”

Myers, 29, has spent his entire eight-year career with the team, both as a starter and reliever.  He said last night that he could pitch in either role next year.  “It doesn’t matter to me, because I can do them both,” he said.  “Hopefully, the front office can make a decision rather quickly whether they need me or don’t need me.”

Eyre, 37, has said that he will retire if he does not return to the Phils. After a 13-year career, the lefthander wants to spend more time with his family.

“The decision is up in the air right now,” he said. “I’m not going to play anywhere else…It’s up to Ruben (Amaro, the general manager).”

Let the offseason begin.  My favorite quote from the locker room, where players were disappointed but proud, was from Brad Lidge: "Somewhere after New Year's, the juices get going, and you want to get back out there."

It'll be here before we know it.