Moyer's Hall of Fame Team

Jamie Moyer has some pretty cool stories to tell.

He broke into the majors in 1986, so he has seen pretty much everything in baseball. He has played with Cal Ripken Jr. and Nolan Ryan. He has played against Mike Schmidt and George Brett. He has faced no-namers and Hall of Famers.

In fact, T. Scott Brandon, a SABR member from Port Angeles, Wash., put together a list of Hall of Fame players who have faced Moyer. I loved the list, so I thought it'd be cool to ask Moyer about each of the Hall of Famers on the list.

"Guys of that stature, you know who they are," Moyer said. "They're established players. They're successful players. They're talented players. They're devoted players. And they've made an impact."

Here's that Hall of Fame team:

C - Carlton Fisk
1B - George Brett
2B - Ryne Sandberg
3B - Mike Schmidt
SS - Cal Ripken Jr.
LF - Dave Winfield
CF - Kirby Puckett
RF - Tony Gwynn
DH - Eddie Murray

On the bench: Robin Yount, Paul Molitor and Wade Boggs.


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