Money, Money, Money

Ryan Howard is the only Phillie eligible for arbitration who remains unsigned. The first baseman is seeking $18 million.

The Phillies are headed toward a franchise record opening day payroll, which could be more than $132 million if Ryan Howard wins his case in salary arbitration. That's following word yesterday that Jayson Werth and Chad Durbin agreed to new contracts.

Phil Sheridan asks why we should care how much Howard makes in arbitration (or how much any athlete makes for that matter)?

Joe Blanton ($5.475 million), Clay Condrey ($650,000), Chad Durbin ($1.635 million), Adam Eaton ($8.5 million, plus a $500,000 buyout), Scott Eyre ($2 million), Cole Hamels ($4.35 million), Brad Lidge ($11.5 million), Ryan Madson ($3 million), Jamie Moyer ($6.5 million), Brett Myers ($12 million), Chan Ho Park ($2.5 million), J.C. Romero ($4 million, minus $1.25 million for his 50-game suspension ).

Eric Bruntlett ($800,000), Greg Dobbs ($1.15 million), Pedro Feliz ($5 million), Jimmy Rollins ($7.5 million, plus a $1 million signing bonus), Chase Utley ($11 million, plus a $250,000 signing bonus).

Raul Ibanez ($6.5 million), Geoff Jenkins ($6.75 million, plus a $1.25 million buyout), Matt Stairs ($1 million), Shane Victorino ($3.125 million), Jayson Werth ($3 million).

Jim Thome ($3 million).

Total committed so far: $112.685 million.

J.A. Happ, Kyle Kendrick, Carlos Ruiz, Chris Coste and Ronny Paulino could make a combined $2 million.

Ryan Howard will make $18 million or $14 million.

Estimated payroll if Howard wins salary arbitration: $132.685 million.