Mayberry optioned

John Mayberry Jr. has been optioned to triple-A Lehigh Valley. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

PITTSBURGH -- Shane Victorino is back and the player to go is outfielder John Mayberry Jr.

Mayberry was optioned to triple-A Lehigh Valley as the corresponding move for Victorino's activation from the disabled list. The Phillies decided because of Mayberry's available option he was the odd man out. Michael Martinez, the utility player with an unsightly .481 OPS, would have to pass through waivers and then be offered back to his original team, Washington, due to his Rule 5 status. So he stays.

Mayberry, of course, can be optioned back and forth from the minors as many times as the Phillies would like this season. The guess is he will be back, eventually.

But like Martinez, the 27-year-old Mayberry hadn't exactly been tearing it up either, with a .187 batting average and .580 OPS in 28 games (18 starts) since May 1. He is probably the second-best defender behind Victorino in the outfield.

Mayberry showed aggressiveness on the bases, but more of the same that has defined his minor-league career: He's solid against lefties, has inferior power numbers against righties and remains suseptible to breaking balls.

Martinez offers versatility and speed, two things the Phillies have decided are in his favor right now. With the uncertainty of Chase Utley's knee, he provides insurance up the middle.

There has been quite a bit of sentiment for keeping Mayberry over Martinez, but this roster move was to decide the 25th man on a roster. Rarely will a 25th man have any bearing in a game or season. So let's relax a bit.

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