May 1 - Padres vs. Phillies

Adam Eaton allowed a two-run homer, but stayed out of trouble the rest of the way. In six innings, he allowed five hits and two runs. He walked two and struck out two. It's 2-2 entering the seventh with Ryan Madson on the mound.

The Padres pinch-hit for Randy Wolf in the seventh. In six innings, he allwoed six hits, two runs and three walks. He struck out nine.


Randy Wolf is back, but the Wolf Pack is nowhere to be found. Can't say I'm surprised. They're Phillies fans first, and there's risk of bodily injury rooting for another team in Philly. Wolf allowed two runs in the third inning to make it 2-2. Shane Victorino, Ryan Howard and Pat Burrell each doubled in the inning. Now I'm no hitting guru, but Howard has had better swings at the ball the past few games. It's still way too early to say he's busted out of any slump, but there are indications he's seeing the ball better.


Happy 125th anniversary.

Yep, 125 years ago today the Phillies played their first game in franchise history. They lost. They hope tonight turns out a bit different.