Manuel in 2012

Charlie Manuel might need to start thinking about a running mate for 2012.

Fresh off leading the Phillies to their first World Series title since 1980 and just their second championship in 126 years, Manuel is a popular man in these parts. He even got a write-in vote for President of the United States in Moorestown, Burlington County.

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Charlie Manuel for President? Hey, why not?

"Hey, that's pretty good," Manuel said. "I might have to think about running in the next election."

If Manuel leans to the left, he could make a Manuel/Rollins ticket. Jimmy Rollins stumped for President-elect Barack Obama before the election. If Manuel leans to the right, he could team up with Brett Myers.

Of course, he would some have work to do. Manuel fell more than 63 million votes behind Obama.

"One is better than none, isn't it?" he said. "If I won the next three World Series, I might get a few more. . . . But I'd like to meet that guy that voted for me. He must be a pretty smart guy."