Manuel Finally On Solid Ground

Charlie Manuel finally has a little stability with the Phillies.

Phil Sheridan returns to Philadelphia today, but before he left he tells us why Manuel isn't the accidental manager anymore. In his first year in 2005, many fans and media didn't like him because he wasn't Jim Leyland. In 2006, everybody wondered if Pat Gillick would keep him past the season. In 2007, he managed as a lame duck. But after getting to the postseason last October and getting a contract extension shortly thereafter, Manuel enters 2008 with a little breathing room.

Until that first questionable call to the bullpen, of course.


Chad Durbin pitched in a minor-league game yesterday at the Carpenter Complex. ... Duuuuuuuuude, Lenny Dykstra is an awesome business man. ... Jimmy Rollins talks to Men's Journal.


Finally, baseball paid Bud Selig $14.5 million each of the last two years.

Just kill me know.