Mannyfest Can't Beat Phillies

Manny Ramirez. Joe Torre. Manny Ramirez. Joe Torre. Manny Ramirez. Joe Torre. Manny Ramirez. Joe Torre.

Game 1 ... the Phillies.

Chase Utley is greeted by Shane Victorino after Utley's two-run homer in the sixth inning of last night's NLCS game.

That threw a wrench in the works, didn't it? There has been a Manny-Torre love fest in the National League Championship Series -- OK, we get it, everybody wants Manny to play the Red Sox in the World Seris -- but the Phillies beat the Dodgers last night in Game 1, 3-2, to lead the best-of-seven series. Phil Sheridan points out that the Phillies found their Inner Manny, which I guess means they out-Manny'd Manny. Or something.

Bob Ford talks about Chase Utley's big night.

Bill Lyon is back and writes about Cole Hamels' big-game performance.

Can't forget about Pat Burrell, who has three homers in his last two playoff games.


Sounds and sights from Opening Night.


Jim Salisbury takes us Inside the Game.


Ramirez thought he had hit a two-run homer in the first inning. Yeah, not so much. Derek Lowe left a sinker up to Utley and it cost him. Brad Lidge got the save in the ninth, but Ryan Madson got the biggest outs in the eighth.


John Gonzalez talks about T.J. Simers' much discussed column in the Los Angeles Times. Gonzalez, Ford and Sheridan then chit-shat about Brett Myers, who pitches Game 2 this afternoon. Myers faces Dodgers righthander Chad Billingsley.


In the Phillies Notebook: Carlos Ruiz is Charlie Manuel's everyday catcher. Ruiz got some hits last night, too.