Madson still Manuel's closer

If the Phillies have a one-run lead and are in need of ninth-inning relief for starter Roy Halladay tonight, look for manager Charlie Manuel to once again summon Ryan Madson from the left-field bullpen.

"Ryan Madson, he's our closer," Manuel said the day after Madson couldn't protect a three-run lead against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field.

Madson has a 7.71 ERA after seven appearances and even though Tuesday night was the first time he blew a save, he also failed twice earlier this season to keep an opponent from scoring when the Phillies trailed by one run. In the last two seasons, Madson has converted 13 of 20 save opportunities and has a 6.00 ERA in those games. In 67 non-save appearances over the last two seasons, Madson has a 2.84 ERA.

If the Phillies call up a pitcher from the minors, which one should it be?

  • 290 (34.4%)
  • 352 (41.7%)
  • 109 (12.9%)
  • 93 (11.0%)
  • 844

"I look at him and he's done this before and he's had times where he has had trouble closing games," Manuel said. "Other times he has been good at it. I think it's very important that if we get in a save situation tonight more than likely he's going to be there. He's my guy. That's the way the game goes. Just because they hit you one night doesn't mean they're going to hit you two nights. That's what this game is about."