Lineups, the presidency


Good morning from Kissimmee, where the Phillies play the Astros, and Roy Oswalt, at 1:05.
Here’s the lineup:
Victorino CF
Bruntlett 1B
Utley 2B
Werth RF
Ibanez LF
Feliz 3B
Cairo SS
Coste C
Myers P
I was very impressed by two responses in particular to last night’s SAT question. The analogy was Thomas Jefferson: James Madison :: Charlie Manuel : ?
Was looking for more clever reasoning than a specific answer, and reader Futurama came through with a good one:
I would say more Milt Thompson. Both are hitting coaches, like Jefferson and Madison were both Virginians. Manuel is the teacher while Thompson is the understudy, again, like the relationship between Jefferson and Madison. The Generalissimo and the General.
Also loved Phillygreg:
Cholly:Larry Bowa! They both have a tremendous amount of respect for each other, but they are polar opposites when it comes to their managing style. Much like Jefferson and Madison adored each other, but were polar opposites when it came to their governing style (federal vs. state). I am the greatest.

One thing I didn't see was anyone predicting Manuel's eventual successor, after he retires to Monticello and a correspondence with his John Adams.  Ooohhh...Thomas Jefferson:John Adams::Charlie Manuel: ?