Lidge's agent: 'He was very upbeat'

Brad Lidge may not be ready for Opening Day following yesterday's knee surgery. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

Matt Gelb here, still with the keys while Andy's on vacation...

Just got off the phone with Rex Gary, who represents Phillies closer Brad Lidge, and he said Lidge is feeling "great" after arthroscopic knee surgery on Wednesday.

"There’s every reason to expect this procedure took care of what was bothering him in his knee," Gary said. "It was relatively minor."

Gary said the pain in the right knee, which caused Lidge to spend a stint on the disabled list during the season, only became a problem again in recent weeks during Lidge's offseason workouts.

"It flared up on him this offseason," Gary said. "It was increasingly affecting his workouts to a point where he, along with the Phillies, decided it should get checked out. It was increasing discomfort. They brought him in quickly, took a look at him, and the procedure was relatively simple and relatively minor. They cleaned it out a little bit. There were some fragments causing his discomfort. The end result is that everyone is pretty upbeat."

Gary said Lidge will resume throwing in a week or two. Whether or not Lidge is healthy enough for Opening Day remains to be seen, but Gary said it wouldn't be the end of the world. The last time Lidge missed Opening Day, in 2008, he had one of the greatest seasons for a relief pitcher ever.

"Ideally, in a perfect world, he’s ready for Opening Day," Gary said. "But he had a pretty good season two years ago when his season started a few weeks late."

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