Lidge's Arm Still Attached in All-Star Loss

I think the All-Star Game just ended, didn't it?

Four hours, 50 minutes.

15 innings.

Memorable, yes. Fan friendly, no. Newspaper friendly, no (although nothing is newspaper friendly anymore). But last night's All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium sure ended dramatically when Justin Morneau scored from third on Michael Young's sacrifice fly off Brad Lidge. The AL beat the NL, 4-3, to gain home-field advantage in the World Series and extend their unbeaten streak against the NL to 12 games. Poor Lidge. He warmed up in the bullpen six or seven times, starting in the ninth inning, before he finally got into the game.

That never happens for a relief pitcher.


"It kept going and going and going," Lidge said. "Some innings we had runners in scoring position so I had to let it go a little harder. Some innings we didn't, so I tried to pace myself. Obviously, in a situation like that, I was just happy to get into the game when I did. I didn't know how much I had left down there to keep doing it. When you continually do that, obviously it takes its toll a little bit."

He couldn't even guess how many pitches he threw in the bullpen.

"It was a fair amount of bullets down there," he said.

He had a few bullets left when he entered in the 15th. He said he threw some good sliders that the AL hit, but I suspect he definitely wasn't as shapr as he typically is.

"Put it this way, I'm might not have been as quite as fresh as normal," Lidge said. "It's not a scenario you want to have, really, if you can prevent it. You just try to stay mentally in the game."

There's almost no chance Lidge would have pitched the 16th. AL manager Terry Francona said he was ready to have J.D. Drew pitch the 16th. We're not sure about the NL, but there weren't many options. Think the NL could have used Cole Hamels? I think MLB should expand the rosters a bit to add a couple more pitchers, and move up the start time. Last night's game didn't start until 8:40 p.m. That's ridiculous.


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OK, Yankee Stadium is one of the best (although I take Lambeau Field over Yankee Stadium in a heartbeat, and not just because I'm a Packers fan). But I'm ready to leave the love fest. I'm sure the players are, too.