Lidge Is Aching, Should You Worry?

The Phillies beat the Pirates yesterday at Citizens Bank Park, 5-3.

That's nice.

But there was a much bigger issue yesterday than the Phillies taking 2 of 3 from a gutted Pirates team. That issue was Brad Lidge's stiff, sore and inflamed right shoulder, Jim Salisbury writes. Lidge has been unable to pitch the last couple games because of his aching shoulder, and that is reason for concern. The Phillies and Lidge say it's nothing serious. They say Lidge has had similar problems in the past, and rest has been the trick to fix it. That might be true. But sometimes minor aches and pains turn into something much bigger. If this is one of those cases, that would be catastrophic for the Phillies' run to their second consecutive NL East championship.

I'd say on this team this team can lease afford to lose Lidge or Cole Hamels.

Like Salisbury wrote, keep an eye on Lidge this week in Los Angeles: "You could be watching the defining moment of the Phillies' season before September even comes around."


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