Live chat Wednesday from 11-12

Between Dunedin and three simultaneous minor league games, a whole lotta baseball today. Rollins, Victorino, Hamels, Blanton, Romero, Utley’s first home run, Chan Ho...

We had most of it covered in previous posts updated throughout the day, and there isn’t much I can add, other than to tell you that Park allowed three runs on four hits in four innings in Dunedin against Toronto. "I thought it was a solid outing," said Dubee.
Utley hit the aforementioned first post-surgery homer. Jayson Werth also homered, and the Phillies beat the Blue Jays 7-6 in Dunedin. Rollins was 1 for 2 and Victorino 0 for 2.   
For those who refuse to listen to your president and set aside childish things, we'll talk about opening night.  Hamels is very, very unlikely to make the start. The team won’t confirm it, but when Dubee was asked about an ideal timetable that would have a presumably healthy Colbert pitching this Sunday, next Saturday in Philly against the Rays, and April 10 in Colorado, he said: “Yup.”
Note that it wouldn’t mean Hamels missing a turn. That April 10 game is the Phillies’ fourth of the regular season.
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