Leaving? Who's Leaving?

I wrote today that speculation there could be a mass exodus in the Phillies' front office is unfounded.

Now, could a few people leave? Maybe.

But the idea that people were so loyal to Mike Arbuckle that they're just going to quit their jobs is absurd. Arbuckle, whom I have a lot of respect for, resigned Saturday. He's going to find a job elsewhere because he has a very solid reputation in the baseball community. But when he finds a job, his new team isn't going to say, "OK, now grab six or seven of your best men from the Phillies and bring them aboard." Why? First, that typically only happens when a person becomes a GM. Second, Arbuckle's new team would have to fire six or seven of their own people to make room for Arbuckle's men. That's just not going to happen. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. arrived at the GM meetings Monday in Dana Point, Calif. In attendance with him were special assistant to the general manager Charley Kerfeld, director of major league scouting Gordon Lakey, director of professional scouting Chuck Lamar, assistant director or minor league operations Mike Ondo and baseball information analyst Jay McLaughlin. That is the majority of the Phillies' brain trust.

Director of scouting Marti Wolever isn't at the meetings, but a source said last night that he definitely will be back.

Now, will Amaro make changes to the team's major and minor league baseball operations? Certainly.

Might that force some unhappy people to look elsewhere for work? Possibly.

But don't expect the top brass to go anywhere. Don't expect a mass exodus.