Key dates on 2011 schedule

In the midst of a pennant race, we look ahead to next season. The Phillies announced their 2011 schedule late Tuesday night and here are some highlights:

-- The season begins on a Friday, a new idea by Major League Baseball. The Phillies open up at home on April 1 against Philadelphia South (Houston) at Citizens Bank Park. Roy Halladay vs. Brett Myers?

-- The season ends just as this one does, in Atlanta. The Phils are there Sept. 26-28, 2011.

-- Interleague opponents are Boston, Texas and Oakland at home. The Phillies will travel to Seattle and Toronto. The Toronto series (July 1-3) is Roy Halladay's return trip to his former city that was supposed to happen this season. But because of the G-20 Summit, the games ended up being played in Philadelphia.

-- You'll notice the Phillies have one fewer Interleague series than normal. Instead, they will make two trips to St. Louis.

-- Perhaps the most important part of the schedule when it comes to strategy is that the Phillies play just 10 home games in September.

-- The longest road trip of the season is a 10-day West Coast swing that takes the Phillies to Colorado, San Francisco and Los Angeles from Aug. 1-10.

For the complete schedule, click here.