Kendrick's Night Is Wasted

Ryan Howard is off to another slow start.At least Kyle Kendrick pitched well.

But the Phillies' offense fell short in last night's 2-1 loss to the Houston Astros. The Phillies have scored just 64 runs in their first 15 games this season, which ranks 10th in the National League. That's 29 fewer runs than the Arizona Diamondbacks, who lead the league. It's early, but there's no question the Phillies, who led the NL in scoring the last two seasons, have missed Jimmy Rollins in the lineup. And Shane Victorino, who just started to hit before he strained his right calf. They also need Ryan Howard to start hitting. Charlie Manuel liked the way Howard looked at the plate last night against Astros righthander Roy Oswalt, so we'll see if he can carry that into today's series finale.

But like Phil Sheridan writes, maybe we should just not pay attention to the Phillies until May 1.


In the Phillies Notebook, it looks like Rollins won't be back in the lineup until Saturday at the earliest.