Kendrick Struggles, Could Be Bumped

Ryan Zimmerman celebrates his two-run homer off Kyle Kendrick, who could be skipped in the rotation this weekend in New York.

Kyle Kendrick hasn't had a good look about him lately, and that could cost him a start Sunday night in New York.

He struggled mightily yesterday in a 7-4 loss to the Nationals.

Kendrick, who has a 9.14 ERA in his last five starts, is supposed to pitch Sunday night in a big game against the New York Mets at Shea Stadium, the last time the Phillies play the Mets this season. But with no game to play Thursday, the Phillies could skip Kendrick's turn in the rotation and have Cole Hamels, who has faced the Mets just once this season, pitch against Johan Santana. It sounds like the only thing that might prevent that from happening is if Hamels works hard and throws a lot of pitches tonight against the Nationals.

If he cruises, he probably will.

"(Kendrick) doesn't have a good look about himself right now," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "He doesn't look like he wants to be out there to get people out. It's like bad stuff is going to happen, and generally if you have that bad look, bad stuff is going to happen. He's got to get a better look about himself. He's got to get more confidence."

The Phillies have 24 games to play. They need every advantage they can get.

Hamels would even the playing field Sunday.


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