Rollins ejected for just second time

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins. (Frank Franklin II/AP)

It was about time, Charlie Manuel said, that Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins was ejected from a game.

Rollins was ejected in the ninth inning of the Phils' 6-4 loss to Atlanta, just after Manuel was tossed for arguing the same call. It was just Rollins' second ejection of his career.

He said it was clear from his angle in the dugout that Delmon Young's foul tip hit the dirt before Braves catcher Brian McCann hauled it in. But, home plate umpire Vic Carpazza disagreed and ruled Young out.

"Everyone knew he missed the call," Rollins said. "Except for him."

The Phillies dugout pleaded with Carpazza to check the ball, but Rollins said the umpire ignored them. Rollins said the dugout then instructed Cody Asche, the next batter, to ask Carpazza for a new ball. The dugout expected Carpazza to see a scuffed ball and realize his call was wrong. But, Atlanta pitcher Craig Kimball tossed the ball quickly into his own dugout. Smart move, Rollins said.

"A better umpire doesn't let him throw the ball to the dugout," Rollins said. "He gets it and looks at it himself. But he let him throw it to his dugout and didn't have a problem with it."

Manuel on McCann. Atlanta catcher Brian McCann will be a free agent this off season and may be a potential Phillies target.

"I think he's good, he's real good," said Manuel. "...He stays strong on his backside. He hardly ever gets his weight out over his front side. He stays behind the ball real well."

The 29-year-old is hitting .286 with 44 RBIs. He hit his 16th homer of the season in Friday's fifth.