J-Roll's Tough Times

Jimmy Rollins has had a tough year. Tonight could add to that.

Should be an interesting night tonight at Citizens Bank Park.

Jimmy Rollins meets Phillies fans for the first time since his comments last week on Best Damn Sports Show Period.

Will they boo? Will they cheer?

Ooooooooh, the suspense is just killing me.

Believe it or not, what's more important than that is getting Rollins back on track offensively the rest of the season. The Phillies had the second-best record in the National League and fourth-best record in baseball (41-28) on June 13. They are 25-30 since. Their offense is the big reason why. Rollins could help solve some of those problems by going on a tear like he did last season.

"Timing," Rollins said of his hitting woes. "I've been hitting with my foot in the air a lot. If the foot isn't down, you're not going to have a good swing. You're not going to see the ball. Anything you can put with a bad swing, that's what happens when your foot is in the air. Your timing is off. When your foot is down, you recognize pitches earlier. You see them better. You're able to make a better decision. And naturally, because you see them earlier, you can put a better swing on it. You have a better chance of doing something close to what you want to do with the ball."

But there's no question Rollins has faced more adversity than anticipated this year.

He is hitting .266 with 8 home runs, 42 RBIs and 31 stolen bases. His .333 on-base percentage is his lowest since 2003, when it was .320. His .431 slugging percentage is his lowest since 2005, when it also was .431. He missed 25 games because of a sprained ankle. He has been pulled from a game because he failed to run out a fly ball. He was scratched from a lineup because he showed up late to the ballpark. He then called fans front-runners.

But in the end, it's the results that matter.


We Should Be GMs reports that Campaign Cheer is in full effect.