It's a Fight

Shane Victorino and the Dodgers' Hiroki Kuroda jaw at each other after Kuroda's pitch came close to Victorino.

You just knew that was coming.

Brett Myers threw high and tight to Russell Martin and behind Manny Ramirez's back in the first inning of Game 2 of the National League Championship Series on Friday at Citizens Bank Park. Clay Condrey then brushed back Russell in Game 3. And because Dodgers righthander Chad Billingsley didn't buzz anybody in Game 2, you knew the Dodgers would do something last night in Game 3 at Dodger Stadium. Sure enough, they did. Dodgers righthander Hiroki Kuroda threw over Shane Victorino's head with two outs and nobody on in the third inning of their 7-2 victory. The victory did the one thing the Phillies didn't want, according to Phil Sheridan: they made this series interesting.

Victorino angrily pointed at his head and then his ribs.

If you're going to hit me, hit me in the ribs. Don't take off my head.

Victorino wouldn't talk to reporters about the incident afterward, other than FOX's Ken Rosenthal. He jawed with Kuroda after he grounded  out to first. Benches and bullpens cleared. Ramirez had to be restrained. "I was just yelling," Ramirez said. J.C. Romero had to be restrained, although he said he was just trying to explain to his "Latino brother" that nobody was trying to hurt him. (Romero also said he and Ramirez might have dinner after the game.) Larry Bowa seemed to be yelling at Myers from afar.

The Phillies seem to consider the issue dead. Myers threw behind Ramirez's back. Kuroda threw over Victorino's head. They're even.

But the Phillies hope that's the last time they're even with the Dodgers. The Phillies need to beat the Dodgers tonight in Game 4 or pull into a 2-2 tie in the best-of-seven series.


Jamie Moyer got rocked. He allowed six runs in just 1 1/3 innings. Had he pitched better and lost, his status for a potential Game 7 wouldn't be an issue.

"I don't know about that," Charlie Manuel said. "We just have to wait. Rich Dubee and I will talk it over."

Moyer would like the opportunity. If it's not Moyer, it would be Joe Blanton. The Dodgers would have Derek Lowe in Game 7. He is pitching tonight in Game 4 on short rest. John Gonzalez compares Moyer/Manny to Creed/Drago. Gonzo and Sheridan talk about Blanton going tonight.


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