Is it 2007 Again?


That felt familiar. Last night's 8-7 victory in 13 innings over the New York Mets at Citizens Bank Park felt a lot like 2007. The Mets took a 7-0 lead in the fourth inning, but the Phillies chipped away at it before a few dramatic moments in the ninth and 13th innings won it and moved the Phillies into first place in the National League East.

Chris Coste gets a hug from Shane Victorino after Coste singled in Victorino for the game-winning run against the Mets in the 13th.

"It had that feeling like we were going to win it every single inning," Chris Coste said. "We had a pretty good feeling ... an excitement because we put ourselves in position to win the game on many occassions. It was definitely exciting. It probably felt like the Little League World Series players. You forget that you get paid to play the game. It's almost like we felt like little kids with the excitement in kind of playoff-type atmosphere, which is pretty normal when we play the Mets."

Last year when the Phillies played the Mets at the Bank there were dramatic moments: Chase Utley's return from a broken hand Aug. 27, Ryan Howard's game-winning homer in the 10th inning Aug. 28, Marlon Anderson being ruled out for interference to preserve a one-run win Aug. 29 and that unbelievable 11-10 back-and-forth victory on Aug. 30.

Last night's game had similar moments.

  • The Mets taking a 7-0 lead in the fourth inning.
  • Jimmy Rollins going 5 for 7 with a double, homer, three RBIs and three stolen bases.
  • The bullpen finishing the game throwing nine consecutive scoreless innings.
  • Charlie Manuel moving Carlos Ruiz to third base for the top of the ninth inning so Eric Bruntlett could hit in the bottom of the ninth. "I started to put Bruntlett in the game and I told Jimy (Williams) that I want to save Bruntlett to hit," Manuel said. "Ruiz has been catching balls at third base and working out there. And actually he was an infielder before they made him a catcher in the minor leagues. At that time I thought what have we got to lose? We needed a run. I wanted to keep Bruntlett back to hit for the pitcher, who had a good chance of hitting."
  • Jayson Werth hitting a two-out single up the middle in the ninth and Bruntlett following with a double to right-center field to score Werth to tie it.
  • Shane Victorino, who was 0 for 6, hitting a leadoff triple in the 13th.
  • The Mets intentionally walking the bases loaded with no outs.
  • Brett Myers taking all the way before striking out for the first out in the 13th. "You can follow orders," Manuel told Myers as the returned to the dugout." Yep, there was no way Myers was swinging at any of those pitches. Myers certainly played up to the moment with an exaggerated leg kick and other movements in the batter's box. The way he strutted to the plate you would have thought he was Babe Ruth. "They were saying, 'Let him fake squeeze,'" Manuel said. "I said, 'No, because Victorino might break for the plate.'"
  • Coste's game-winning hit to center field to finally win it.

Game time: five hours, 17 minutes.


Kyle Kendrick was ready to pitch the 14th inning if the game had continued. He threw 40 warm-up pitches in the bullpen, but said he should be fine tonight when he faces Johan Santana.


It was Coste's first walk-off hit. Ever.


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